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Core Values

Core Values


Customer First

In recognition of the importance of our customers to our business, MGen shall in all instances place the interest of the customer first and ensure that customers are dealt with speedily and fairly in all their dealings with the company.


In all our undertakings with all stakeholders, we shall be committed to uphold our ethic of integrity. All staff shall be expected to treat everyone honestly and fairly; and anything short of total integrity shall not be acceptable by shareholders, board of directors, management and peers alike.
Cost Consciousness And Accountability

The protection of stakeholder’s interest is a paramount value of All staff shall at all times bear in mind that any form of wastage is strongly detested. All shall further be aware that accountability refers to personal and corporate responsibility for all our actions including but not limited to our particular job, our treatment of others and our treatment of the environment.

Commitment To Teamwork And Employee Growth

The company is committed to building a strong synergistic team that stands up for each other at all times. At the same time the company views its employees as part of a family and takes pride in employee’s personal development; be it in education or other areas of their lives.

Quality Statement

Achieve and maintain the highest standard of quality in all aspects of our operations and to continually satisfy and exceed the expectations our clients in respect of all the products and services offered.